A Horrible Tragedy Turned Into A Great Experience

A Horrible Tragedy Turned Into A Great Experience

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After retiring from construction work, Paul and Patty Ireland started their dream restaurant, complete with their daughter, Kristina, and grandson, Alex, helping out.

Unfortunately, all that work came to a halt when Alex had an accident while helping Paul start a tractor the two had restored together.

"I reached over the tractor, pulled the choke out and hit the starter button. When I shut the tractor off, I turned around and saw Alex bent down over the back of the tractor. I went back and grabbed him by the waist to pull him up. When I looked over his shoulder, I saw his hand laying on the ground."

Alex's arm got caught in a powerful drive shaft on the tractor called a PTO.

"We life flighted him to Mercy, and the emergency room doctor said, 'You're not going to believe this. He's got movement, he's got feeling, he's got good pulse.' That's when they took him to Omaha."

A rod, a plate, several screws and numerous stitches later, Dr. Bruggeman had reattached Alex's arm. 

PTO injuries often result in limb amputation, but just two months after Alex's procedures, his fractures had almost completely healed. Thanks to his youth and optimism, and Dr. Bruggeman's expertise, Ale's hand is working great.

"Alex is doing awesome. He can move his fingers, he can wave, he was riding four wheelers the other day...even though he's not supposed to!"

"They restored my faith. I was impressed."

Watch Alex's video to hear the whole story of his recovery.

Omaha, NE