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Kate's Story

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Kate is a busy, active mom who doesn't have a lot of down time, so when she injured her knee on a family ski trip, she needed to find the right place to start her healing. 

After asking a family friend, who happens to be an anesthesiologist, for a recommendation, Kate scheduled an appointment with Dr. Arnold at OrthoNebraska. 

"Because he came so highly recommended, I found an immediate comfort level with him."

Kate's surgery was scheduled and she was given a realistic overview of what to expect during recovery.

"I remained confident about my surgery because I felt like I had all the information I needed to make a good decision."

Within a year, Kate was back to her nornal everyday activities.

"It's inconvenient to be slowed down in any way. Having my knee fixed was life changing and energizing, I'm grateful for the reputation [OrthoNebraska] has in our community. I would recommend Dr. Arnold to anyone."

To learn more about Kate's story, watch her video above. 

Omaha, NE